Making McKee

Her husband was deployed overseas at the beginning of the year, and Courtney decided to live with her family in San Diego during the duration of his deployment. Over lunch with her mom, Rhonda, on her first day in San Diego, McKee was born.

McKee Sizing

We live in a world where numbers of clothing sizes negatively affect the way we look at ourselves. We decided to create a new sizing guide that eliminated the high numbers, squashing the negative stories the kids are creating in their heads as a direct result of the number associated with their current clothing sizes. Please see our size chart, under each product description to find the size that's best for you.

McKee Again

Providing an opportunity for everyone to give back. Send us your gently used McKee Wear and we will donate it to kids in need. In return you'll get a 25% discount off your next purchase.

Military and First Responders

While our Military and First Responders continuously support us and our communities, we wanted to show our support for them and their families. We started our Military and First Responder program where we are offering a continual discount for their kids and little loved ones, as a thank you for all you do. For more information on how to retain this discount, please email us at
with the subject line: Military and First Responder Program.

McKee Scholarship Foundation

$1 from each item sold will be put into our McKee Scholarship Foundation. Our foundation supports athletes, artists and entrepreneurs to participate in the same opportunities as their peers.

Sustainable Packaging

Made from a non-toxic plant based material, generating 68% fewer greenhouse gasses.