Thankful is an understatement! At the beginning of the year, my husband was deployed overseas and over lunch with my mom, on the first day he was gone, we created an entire brand and concept — putting my dream that always lived on paper to reality.

My intention was to create an inclusive, ethical and sustainable brand for today’s youth, made in the United States. A brand that focused on giving back to our community. We started McKee before we knew what would come of 2020 and I personally wouldn’t have changed a thing. This year taught me that no matter what gets thrown your way, not only can you make it through, but you will. Much like what I believe the brand represents, setbacks can be kindling for motivation.

I won’t go into full detail, but the story behind our name, our logo and our community based initiatives is found within our family. My mom and I sourced every piece of fabric and trim. My soul sister and dad photographed all our products. My husband worked on our website while serving our country overseas.

Furthermore, I'd like to give all due credit to some of my best friends, who designed our logos and prints, helped pick fabric colors, and designed our accessories. Those who knew what I was up to, cheered me on and supported my mom and I in every way we could have imagined.

Friday November 27th, 2020 at 7am PST we go live, for the first time with our McKee Core Collection and the feeling is surreal.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us, who is cheering us on -- and to Bo and his team who has worked day in and day out troubleshooting production through the pandemic.

Feeling so much love and gratitude💕

November 25, 2020 — Courtney Denton-Tsang

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