Question: Are you going to be restocking colorways and styles?

Answer: We will eventually restock our styles, however once a color is gone, it won’t be coming back. If you love something, we suggest getting it while it lasts. We have very limited quantities in each style and size.


Question: Why did you change the way you label kids sizing?

Answer: We live in a world where numbers are associated with the way people perceive themselves, especially today’s youth. In typical youth clothing, a large is considered a 14 and an extra-large is considered a 16. What most people don’t realize is these two sizes are also a women’s size 4 and a women’s size 6 or a men’s extra small and men’s small. What we decided to do is to create sizing that eliminated the high numbers, squashing the negative stories the kids are creating in their heads about the size they wear. Please see our size chart to find exactly the size that’s best for you. Once you become familiar with our sizing, you won’t even think twice about the difference in the way we communicate our sizing.


Question: Do you have military or first responder discounts?

Answer: Yes and thank you for your service! For more information on how to verify your military or first responder status, please email us at with the subject line: Military and First Responder Program.


Question: I am an athlete, and I can never find the right practice gear, what do you have that will work for me?

Answer: We design specific to current athletes needs and desires. If you do not see something on our website, that suits your needs please send us design feedback and we will work on making something that works for you! Odds are if you’re looking for something specific, so is someone else and we love feedback! Please email us at with the subject line: Design Feedback.


Question: What are you doing other than selling clothes?

Answer: McKee was intended to be more than trendy athleisure wear, but a company that stands for giving back and supporting others, so we created the following programs:

McKee Again: Providing an opportunity for everyone to give back. With our McKee Again program, we give you the option of sending back your gently used McKee Wear products, which we will donate to athletes and kids in need throughout our surrounding communities and in return you will receive 25% off of your next purchase. 

McKee Scholarship Foundation: The McKee Scholarship Foundation is supported by a percentage of each McKee sale. This foundation was established to support our athletes, artists and entrepreneurs in need with the monetary funds to participate in the same opportunities as their peers. Whether or not it helps with the team uniform fees, travel fees of a club team, fees to create a college recruitment video, or even to just attend a camp or clinic, our goal is to support our athletes, artists and entrepreneurs in every way we can! 


Question: How do I sign up for the McKee Scholarship Foundation?

Answer: At this current time, we are not taking applications. Being a new company, we are trying to build this scholarship up to support multiple athletes at a time. Please check back Summer 2021, for more information on when you can apply.


Question: How do I donate my used McKee Wear Products?

Answer: Please email us at with the subject line: McKee Again Program. Please let us know what products you have that you are wanting to donate. We will send you a shipping label. Based on our quality evaluation you may receive a code for 25% off your next purchase as a thank you.